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San Juan Capistrano’s Greek Festival

Patricia Braun
Experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Greece at San Juan Capistrano’s Annual Greek Festival Saturday, September 28 thru Sunday, September 29. There will be lots of traditional Greek dishes to choose from including flavorful lamb chops, Souvlakia, Gyro’s and a Greek Village Salad. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Greek pastries. And compliment the pastries with Greek coffee or refreshing […]

The Legend Of Boot Hill

Patricia Braun
Once upon a nightmare, many memories ago, there lived – and died – the town of Bridgewood. It existed here, on this hallowed ground. As legend has it, a mining supply train was making its way late on night from Nevada to the coast of Southern California. The train was crossing an old wooden trestle in the tolling hills of what is now southern Orange County, when the structure gave out under the tremendous weight of the locomotive. The mighty engine fell nose-first into a dry riverbed below, and the rest of the cars followed. The gunpowder and dynamite the train was hauling ignited, and the entire area went up in a series of explosions that could be seen and heard for miles. None...

Acorn Day At O’Neill Regional Park

Patricia Braun
“From little acorns mighty oaks do grow.” An American Proverb Take your little “acorns” and bring along the “mighty oak” as well, this Saturday October 7th for Acorn Day at O’Neill Regional Park. The day is designed for you urban dwellers, who don’t usually have the opportunity to enjoy and learn about the great outdoors. Admission and parking are free. […]
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