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Middle Schools in Orange County

Middle Schools In Orange County
2024 Graduation Dates and Tips on How to Make it Special

Middle Schools in Orange County

It may seem like yesterday when your young child went off to kindergarten. Now they are getting ready to attend a middle school graduation ceremony in one of our middle schools in Orange County. Which in turn kicks off the official beginning of high school. How did it happen so fast?

Marking the Milestone

While some middle schools organize an official graduation ceremony for their graduating students, other schools may do something different such as a school assembly for students and teachers. Some schools may not recognize the end of middle school, leaving the event up to parents and families to decide how to celebrate.

Middle School Magnet Programs - Orange County Public Schools

Whatever your student’s circumstances, graduation from middle school is an important milestone. For starters, middle school isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Many students struggle through middle school, if not academically, then socially. After all, middle school is when bullying peaks and students aggressively figure out the social pecking order.

Middle school is also a dress rehearsal for the academic challenges of high school and some of what they can expect for the next four years.

Santiago Charter Middle School (@santiagochartermiddle ...
Celebration Ideas

Below are a few suggestions for making the occasion special:

  • If your child’s school has organized a graduation ceremony, do your best to attend. Middle schoolers can be funny about attending social functions, but a graduation ceremony can be uplifting, and your student deserves to be recognized.
  • There are plenty of other ways to mark the achievement if a ceremony your child’s middle school isn’t planning a ceremony. Consider organizing a class picnic with other parents and staff members. You might be able to have the picnic during school hours if testing is completed for the year. If not, consider one of our many well-maintained city or county parks. Parents can contribute to the party by bringing supplies, food, and drinks and organizing the fun and games.
  • If your child isn’t up to a big class party, consider something smaller such as a family barbecue or family get-together at a local restaurant. Or, allow your tween to invite 10 of her closest friends over for a sleepover to celebrate their graduation.
  • Another way to mark middle school graduation is to tour your child’s new high school. If you can’t arrange a visit before the end of the school year, you may be able to take one when the school year is over. Call ahead and speak to the high school secretary for information on when it would be convenient for your child to tour their new school. On the tour, be sure they know all the important places, such as the gym, cafeteria, freshman lockers, and the school nurse. Find out what clubs and organizations are available to your child, and look into a sports team or other activities your child might enjoy.
  • Some kids aren’t into celebrations and parties; others want their event as low-key as possible. If you have one of those kids, it might be tempting to let graduation go by without an acknowledgment. But try not to do that.
Middle schoolers may be nervous about beginning high school, and they need to know that you’re proud of what they’ve accomplished and be assured they can handle what’s ahead.

Even if you celebrate with a special cake or a pat on the back, let your middle schooler know you’re there and support them, and that you’re proud to be their parent.

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Middle Schools in Orange County
2024 Graduation Dates

Anaheim   El Rancho Charter Middle School Promotion  June 6, 6:00 pm @ El Rancho Outdoor Amphitheater   181 S Del Giorgio Rd   Website

Anaheim   Fairmont Anaheim Hills   5300 E La Palma Ave   Call School For Promotion Details   (714) 693-3812   Website

Anaheim   Fairmont Historic Anaheim   1557 W. Mable St.   Call School For Promotion Details   (714) 563-4050   Website

Anaheim   Orangeview JHS   May 23   3715 W. Orange Ave.   (714) 220-4205   Website  

Brea   Brea Junior High School Promotion   May 30, 6:00 pm @ Brea Olinda High School   789 Wildcat Way   Website

Corona Del Mar   Harbor Day School   3443 Pacific View Drive   Call School For Promotion Details   (949) 640-1410   Website

Costa Mesa   Costa Mesa Middle School Promotion   June 5, 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm @ Mustangs Field   2650 Fairview Rd   Website

Costa Mesa   TeWinkle Middle School Promotion   June 5, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm @ Estancia High School   2323 Placentia Ave   Website

Cypress   Lexington Junior High School4351 Orange Ave   Call School For Promotion Details   (714) 220-42011   Website

Dana Point   St. Edward Parish School   33866 Calle La Primavera   Call School For Promotion Details   (949) 496-1241   Website

Fountain Valley   Vista View Middle School   June 17, 1:00 pm   16250 Hickory St.   Website

Fullerton   Beechwood School Promotion   May 31, 9:00 am – 10:30 am @ 780 BEECHWOOD AVE   Website

Garden Grove   Irvine Intermediate School   10552 W Hazard Ave   Call School For Promotion Details   (714) 663-6551   Website

Huntington Beach   Talbert Middle School Promotion   June 20, 9:30 am 10:30 am @ Room D1   9101 Brabham Dr   Website

Irvine  Beacon Park K-8 School Promotion   June 7, 9:30 am – 11:00 am  @ The Performing Arts Center   200 Cultivate   (949) 936-8400   Website

Irvine   Cadence Park K-8 School Promotion   June 7, 9:00 am    750 Benchmark   Call School For Location   (949) 404-1300   Website

Irvine   Jeffrey Trail Middle School Promotion   June 7, 10:00 am   155 Visions Irvine   (949) 936-8700   Website

Irvine   Lakeside Middle School Promotion   June 7, 8:30 am – 9:30 am  3 Lemongrass   Website

Irvine   Plaza Vista K-8 School Promotion   June 6, 4:45 pm – 6:00 pm @ 670 Paseo Westpark   Website

Irvine   Rancho San Joaquin Middle School   June 7, 10:00 am – 11:00 am   4861 Michelson Drive   (949) 936-6500   Website

Irvine   Sierra Vista Middle School Promotion  June 7, 8:30 am    2 Liberty Irvine   (949) 936-6600   Website

Irvine   Solis Park K-8 School   101 Abacus   Call School For Details   (949) 404-1500   Website

Irvine   South Lake Middle School   655 W Yale Loop   Call School For Details   (949) 936-6700   Website

Irvine   Venado Middle School   4 Deerfield Avenue   Call School For Details   (949) 936-6800   Website

Irvine   Vista Verde K-8 School   6 Federation Way   Call School For Details   (949) 936-6350   Website

Laguna Beach   Thurston Middle School Promotion   June 13, 3:00 pm @ Laguna Beach High School   625 Park Ave   Website

Los Alamitos   Oak Middle School Promotion   May 30, 7:30 pm @ LAHS   10293 Bloomfield Street   Website

Los Alamitos   Sharon Christa Mcauliffe Middle School Promotion   May 30   Call School For More Information   (714) 816-3320   Website

Mission Viejo   Fred Newhart Middle School Promotion   May 23   25001 Veterans Way   (949) 855-0162   Website

Newport Beach   Carden Hall Middle School   1541 Monrovia Avenue   Call School For Promotion Details   (949) 645-1773   Website

Newport Beach   Horace Ensign Intermediate School Promotion   June 5, Newport Harbor High School Davidson Field 600 Irvine Ave   Website

Orange   McPherson Magnet School Promotion   June 6, 8:30 am @ McPherson School Blacktop   333 S Prospect St   Website

Orange   Portola Middle School Promotion   June 6, 8:00 am @ Portola School Field   270 N Palm Dr   Website

Orange   Santiago Charter Middle School Promotion   June 6, 9:00 am @ Santiago Outdoor Amphitheater   515 N Rancho Santiago Blvd   Website

Orange   Yorba Middle School Promotion   June 6, 9:00 am @ Yorba School Field   935 N Cambridge St   Website

Placentia   Kraemer Middle School Promotion   June 13, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm @ Bradford Stadium   645 N. Angelina Drive    Website

San Clemente   Shorecliffs Middle School Promotion   May 30, 12:00 pm @ Quad   240 Via Socorro   Website

San Juan Capistrano   Fairmont San Juan Capistrano   26333 Oso Rd   Call School For Promotion Details   (949) 443-4050   Website

Santa Ana   Hewes Middle School   May 23, 6:00 pm   13232 Hewes Avenue   Website

Tustin   Columbus Tustin Middle School Promotion   May 23, 6:00 pm   17952 Beneta Way   Website

Tustin   Fairmont North Tustin   12421 Newport Ave   Call School For Promotion Details   (714) 832-4867   Website

Tustin   Pioneer Middle School Promotion   May 23, 6:00 pm   2700 Pioneer Road   Website

Villa Park   Cerro Villa Middle School Promotion   June 6, 9:00 am @ Cerro Villa Outdoor Amphitheater   17852 Serrano Ave   Website

Westminster   Warner Middle School Promotion   June 12, 2:00 pm @ Gym   14171 Newland Street   Website

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